Key Benefits


1 | FAST

Close incisions faster with exofin fusion than traditional sutures. Our adhesive is tack free in under 45 seconds and full cure is achieved within 60 seconds after complete application. Exofin fusions’s pre-sterilized tray can be placed directly on your mayo stand for more time-saving in the operating room.

2 | EASY

Simply open the curved mesh strip, place over the incision site, and seal.


Independent third party testing proves Exofin fusion® eliminates bacteria growth. The adhesive creates a watertight, microbial barrier allowing patients to quickly resume normal daily activities like showering.1  


Exofin fusion® creates a strong seal with great holding power. The shape of the mesh distributes tension along the entire incision, preventing skin gaps from forming.

 1 In vitro testing up to 72 hours.

Key Specialties and Procedures That Would Be Most Applicable for Use:

Orthopedics for Total
Joints/Hips and Knees

The flexible mesh contours to the incision creating a positive seal over the site providing a microbial barrier against infection-causing bacteria.

Cardiovascular Closure of
the Chest/Sternum

Eliminates the need for a large bulky bandage down the chest and improves patient comfort by reducing the need to do continuous dressing changes.


The flexible mesh contours to the body shape of the patient and provides continuous tension across the length of the incision unlike sutures.

Ortho/Neuro for Spine

Forms an immediate barrier against infection-causing bacteria and eliminates the need to change dressings in a sensitive, hard-to-reach area.


Ideal for C-Section closure. Provides an immediate waterproof barrier and allows the new mother to shower right away.



Fast Cure Times

Exofin fusion® adhesive is tack free in under 45 seconds and cures fully within 60 seconds of complete application.1

Sterile Application

Exofin fusion® comes in a pre-sterilized, double peel pack which allows the entire container to be aseptically transferred to sterile field without fear of rolling or loose parts.

Effective Microbial Barrier

In Vitro testing of exofin fusion® showed no growth of bacteria commonly associated with SSI’s after 21 days, including:

  • Gram Positive MRSA
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Escherichia coli
  • Staphylococcus aureus
  • Staphylococcus epidermidis
  • Candida albicans
  • Aspergillus brasiliensis

1 Data on file.

Cost Savings & Patient Benefits

Save Your Operating Room Time & Money While Improving Patient Aftercare

By combining a topical skin adhesive with a self-adhering mesh strip, the exofin fusion® Skin Closure System may lower healthcare costs for your hospital and lead to improved patient outcomes with one easy application.


Exofin fusion® may save your hospital money in two ways: by reducing the time individual patients spend in the OR, and by reducing the risk of acquiring a post-surgical site infection along the incision line.


Faster OR Procedures

It’s a simple formula. In the OR, time equals money. By providing faster closure speeds compared to traditional methods, exofin fusion® frees up operating rooms more quickly so hospitals may perform additional procedures each day. Other financial benefits include:

  • Frees up other OR staff to assist busy surgeons
  • Reduces the time the patient remains under anesthesia
  • Less costly postoperative healthcare visits for bandage changes

Lower Readmission Risk

Our product creates an effective microbial barrier, reducing the likelihood of readmission due to infection or other complications.


Not only does exofin fusion® lower the risk of infection, our product also enhances the overall patient experience by improving patient comfort after surgery and simplifying self-care.


Simple Self-Care

When using exofin fusion® to close, patients are better suited to administer self-care after surgery:

  • Incisions closed utilizing the exofin fusion® skin closure system remain dry, keeping infection-causing bacteria and moisture away from the incision site and eliminating the need for applying and reapplying post-surgical dressings.
  • The incision site is less noticeable than sites closed with staples, improving patient confidence and self-image post-surgery.

Improved Comfort

Our mesh strips are strong but flexible, contouring to the body for greater patient comfort. And the waterproof barrier allows patients to shower immediately after surgery. This can be especially beneficial for the new mom’s post C-section closure.

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